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Supermoon Tower Took Over

Denver’s iconic Clock Tower turned purple as Supermoon along with Cointelegraph Accelerator, OORT, Ammocrypt, Sunrise, KXVC and QuillAudits joined together for 2 days of curated events for founders, builders, and investors.

The VC & Startups Speed Dating on the first day brought together 30 handpicked projects and over 50 VC investors. Investors recognized Supermoon’s Speed Dating event as the highlight of the ETH Denver side event week. 

  • Special guests included Animoca Brands, Draper Dragon, Republic, Sony Innovation Fund, CV Labs, Geek Cartel, Cypher Capital, UF Ventures, Rocktree Capital, Outliers, Token Metrics, Alchemy Capital, Aves Lair, Sanctor Capital, and others. 

  • Featured startups included 3DOS, Cheqd, Credbull,, ETHGas, Exabits, Givepact, Hyperion, Incyt, Main, Minima, Prowlis, Yug Network & 15 others. 

The 2nd date featured a Founders & Investors Soiree at the Denver Clock Tower with special guest welcome speech from OORT, Sunrise Layer, Ammocrypt, KXVC, and QuillAudits in front of 300 guests who joined this curated party.

It all wrapped up with a Builder’s Ball which gathered over 400 founders & builders for a night of special networking.

Buildhouse Gathers Developers

Our Buidlhouse turned into the go-to spot for over 500 founders and builders during ETH Denver. We teamed up with Cointelegraph Accelerator, NDC, Horizen, and Conflux, to bring everyone together for some dev talks and workshops. Topics ranged from Web3 unicorns, gaming, hackathons, DAOs, DePINs, Interoperability, AI, Blockchain security and much more.

Everyday also co-hosted an Investors Brunch together with VNTR and Cointelegraph Accelerator, which gathered 50+ qualified investors and High net-worth individuals each day.

Each day had a different theme per sponsor. 

  • Horizen launched a hacker hunt with $120k in prizes, featuring podcasts and talks on blockchain systems and growth marketing, with guests like Rolf Versluis and CEOs from Stably & Auros.

  • NDC and OORT hosted a day filled with notable speakers, networking, and live insights into NDC's initiatives & projects, featuring leaders from the Decentralized Storage Alliance and the Filecoin Foundation.

  • Conflux hosted a dApp Day at BUIDL HOUSE, focusing on blockchain security and DeFi, with discussions by experts from Layer Zero, Syscoin, and other notable entities.

You can check out many of the talks & podcasts in our Youtube: 

What's Next? 

We left ETH Denver exhausted, but feeling like champions, having two huge back to back successes. Now we have our sights aimed at Consensus 2024, with Mansion on the Moon set to dominate Texas! 

In December Supermoon forged a strong alliance with Station3NYC, who's enormous NYC venue located at the heart of the Financial District is perfectly suited environment for our brand of Web3 Networking, Co-Working and Workshops for Founders, Developers, thought leaders and Investors to meet, forge alliances and learn new skills. 

Workshop Mania - Successful value for our community members

Since December, we have hosted 3 workshops as an added value for our Supermoon Community. 

With Victoria Vaughan, founder of ICL, we hosted an in-depth guide on successful PR Strategies for all companies to maximize their Media Outlet connections and reach, key if one wishes to further the outlook and exposure of their business. You can see the full Workshop on our Youtube!

With Daniel Weberman, startup attorney and specialists we led a guide on Tax & legal issues when creating a project in the Web3 or Crypto industry, offering many insights and details that are poorly known but critical. 

Our Founder Elena Obukhova also hosted her own Workshop on how to raise funding from VCs, offering her own extensive knowledge and years of experience in the subject, including how to approach them, language to use, correct way to pitch, best practices for formulating pitch decks and which information to highlight, and much more. We will soon upload this workshop on Youtube, in case you're interested! Give us a follow in our channel.

Monday May 6th Workshop - Maximizing your reach by Understanding Trends, Memes & Narratives! 

Rohan Joseph is an expert in web Community and Project Growth, having worked with many long term protocol growth and tokens. This workshop aims to help maximize your Brand Awareness, Following and Community Growth by understanding opportunities you are missing in trends, narratives and the pull of meme-coins to foster more visibility & following.  

Date: Monday May 6th From 6 - 7 PM EST Time

Location: Station3 NYC

Our Event Co-Hosts & Partners

​ICL is a communication agency founded by Cointelegraph alumnae based in NYC, Paris and SF. Their clients get featured at NYT, WSJ, AP, Coindesk, Bloomberg and other top-tier publications. ICL runs communication campaigns which include organic PR, media buy, influencer relations and community growth. 

Station3 is a collaborative workspace environment supporting builders and artists in the Web3 ecosystem.

More to come this month!

We have exciting things to share about Consensus and the return of our mansion on the moon! As well as recaps of some of the most exciting moments from ETH Denver, stay tuned!

As Lisbon's evening skyline painted the city in golden hues, Supermoon and Yorkseed, in collaboration with Near Protocol, hosted the much-awaited Founders & Investors Soirée. The event, held on November 12th at the iconic Fintech House, marked an extraordinary prelude to the WebSummit, bringing together 120 handpicked leaders from the tech and Web3 sectors.

An Unforgettable Night in the Heart of Lisbon

Set against the backdrop of Lisbon's charming Fintech House, the soirée was a vibrant confluence of minds and ideas. The atmosphere, brimming with the spirit of innovation and collaboration, set the perfect tone for what was to unfold.

Culinary Delights to Match Ambitious Goals

In line with our belief that lasting relationships are akin to 'food for longevity,' we flew in an influencer chef from Barcelona to curate a menu that reflected our vision. The exquisite dishes not only delighted the palate but also symbolized the enduring connections we aimed to foster at the event.

Soirée Highlights

  • Intimate Networking: The soirée offered a unique platform for founders and investors to engage in deep conversations, paving the way for future collaborations.

  • A Prelude to WebSummit: Serving as an ideal kickoff to the global conference, our event enabled attendees to form connections that would enrich their WebSummit experience.

  • Idea Exchange: The event was buzzing with discussions, from the latest in Web3 to the future of technology, igniting a myriad of potential collaborations.

A Collaborative Effort

This remarkable evening was made possible thanks to the combined efforts of Yorkseed™, our partner in building global entrepreneurial networks, and Near Protocol, pioneers in decentralized app creation.

Reflecting on a Successful Evening

As we look back at the soirée, we're inspired by the connections made and the conversations that took place. It was a night that not only set the stage for the upcoming WebSummit but also embodied Supermoon's commitment to fostering a future where technology and meaningful relationships go hand in hand.

Join Our Journey

This event was just a glimpse of what Supermoon is all about. We're constantly curating spaces where ideas can flourish and collaborations can take root. Stay tuned to our blog and social media channels for more updates and opportunities to be part of our future events.

Thank you to everyone who joined us in Lisbon. Here's to many more evenings where we can come together to shape the future of tech and Web3.

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