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Supermoon Tower named among Top-5 Crypto Events of 2023 by Hackernoon: Joining ETH Denver, Quantum Miami, NFT LA, and Paris Blockchain Week. With its focus on advancing the crypto and web3 space, Supermoon Tower provides a platform for members to network, gain funding opportunities, and receive media exposure. The event's recognition by Hackernoon is a testament to the passion and commitment of its community. Stay tuned for more updates and exciting developments from Supermoon Tower.

Another exciting event taking place in Denver during the same dates is Supermoon Tower.
Supermoon Tower is the ultimate destination for founders, builders, and investors during ETH Denver. Even though it’s a smaller event compared to other conferences (the team expects to have up to 2,000 attendees), it’s been talked about among most renown professionals in crypto & web3.
This exclusive, three-day event is hosted by Supermoon Camp that became famous for its impactful side events. This time Supermoon’s event will take place in the historic Denver Clock Tower with a serious and jam-packed agenda from workshops and panel discussions to networking breaks and evening social hours. Supermoon Tower will also host daily Open Microphone podcast where attendees will be able to talk about their projects.
If you're a founder, builder, or investor in the blockchain and crypto space, Supermoon Tower is an event that you simply cannot miss. With its combination of an iconic venue, engaging programming, and a highly-engaged community, it's the perfect opportunity to learn, connect, and be inspired.

@NFTwriter on Hackernoon

Learn more about the event HERE

Supermoon Camp is excited to announce a one-of-a-kind experience for our community at the historic Clock Tower in downtown Denver from March 1st to 3rd in addition to our Supermoon Camp Residence and NEAR HOUSE ETH Denver.

Supermoon Tower ETH Denver

This a 3-day open house event that will take place during ETH Denver. Each day will be filled with engaging opportunities such as morning coffee and open microphone podcasts, workshops, interviews, and networking breaks, followed by an evening social hour to unwind and mingle with like-minded individuals.

For three days, members, sponsors, and partners of Supermoon will have access to exclusive events and experiences that aim to bring our community together in an iconic venue, where attendees can learn, connect, and be inspired.

Visit Supermoon Tower event page to learn more and apply to attend.

Supermoon Camp ETH Denver

We're also excited to open applications for Supermoon Camp's official 6-day ETH Denver Camp, taking place from February 28th to March 6th. Supermoon ETH Denver Camp guests will have access to exclusive benefits such as accommodation for six nights with breakfast and drinks, a curated ETH Denver experience and networking opportunities, a one-year membership to Supermoon, a guest appearance on the Supermoon Station, and access to the Clock Tower open house.

Apply to stay at Supermoon Camp Residence

NEAR House by Supermoon Camp.

Additionally, for those in the NEAR Protocol ecosystem, there's an opportunity to join NEAR HOUSE, an exclusive 8-day residence for builders and founders from February 26th to March 6th. During these dates, NEAR Protocol ecosystem founders and builders will stay at a private residence near downtown Denver and have the chance to participate in bold discussions, interviews, podcasts, and networking opportunities with like-minded individuals and talented builders.

Apply to stay at NEAR HOUSE

Join Supermoon Camp at ETH Denver!

ETH Gathering provides physical spaces for the teams building decentralized Web3 technology to connect, innovate, and collaborate.

Hosted in Barcelona, one of the world's most vibrant cities, ETH Gathering is a week-long curated onsite experience for decentralized teams. ETH Gathering provides an opportunity for teams to participate in a team onsite prior to a two-day conference.

ETH Gathering Conference Weekend (November 19th-20th) ETH Gathering Conference will bring 600-1000 builders from web3 teams to converge and engage on the challenges and opportunities facing DeFi, Blockchain Security, DAO Governance, and Data Analytics.

Made by builders for builders: NOV 19-20th 2022

Eth Gather Website Twitter Telegram Apply to Sponsor or do a team onsite

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