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Building on recent success, Supermoon Camp together with The Web3 Gallery just held its Mainnet Gala during Messari Mainnet week. Mainnet Gala welcomed over 300 executives, investors, and talented entrepreneurs for three hours of networking and an immersive art experience.

Supermoon is bridging together executives, investors, and founders with a mission to elevate the Web3 space. Mainnet Gala was a successful result of Supermoon’s effort to achieve its mission, revealing future plans, including the Supermoon 2023 initiative that will go beyond high-impact events to facilitate the growth of Web3 projects at the very beginning of their journey. Supermoon is bringing onboard reputable advisors, mentors, and entrepreneurs to enable the Supermoon 2023 initiative and its goal to advance the Web3 space.

Not stopping, Supermoon Camp embarks on another Supermoon Camp during Art Basel this Nov 30th to Dec 5th. The renowned five-day pop-up event unites crypto eclectics and thought leaders at a private venue in Miami for innovative collaborations, talks, and relationship-building. The last night of the camp will culminate with the legendary Mansion on the Moon event at a secret venue in Miami.

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With the support of Near Hacks, SupermoonX will bring together 20 founders and builders on Near protocol at a private residence to discuss innovations and the latest developments within the Near ecosystem. This special edition camp will take place from September 11th to 15th in Lisbon, Portugal.

Connecting the greatest minds in web3 at Near House for a SupermoonX curated experience during Nearcon. Kicking off with the opening ceremony, Near House will continue with fireside chats, interviews, and project discussions. All guests will be invited to talk about their companies and emerging trends in the web3 and crypto space.

NEAR HACKS runs hacker houses and hackathons to promote Near-native project development in the United States. Builders on Near can expect curated spaces to collaborate and learn, scaling their projects from MVP to seed and beyond.

NEAR HACKS is operated by Banyan Collective, a proud grant recipient of the NEAR Foundation with the goal of providing "Ecosystem as a Service" to NEAR-native projects and businesses. Learn more about Near Hacks upcoming US tour here.

Powered by the Supermoon Camp team, SupermoonX organizes special events with elevated networking experiences for talented professionals, founders, and builders from different ecosystems with a mission to foster innovations and decentralization.

The blockchain sector is booming and Lisbon is emerging as a hub for this innovative industry. With a thriving startup scene and supportive government policies, the city is attracting blockchain businesses worldwide. With its strong ecosystem of blockchain businesses, the city is well on its way to becoming a major player in the global blockchain market.

Portugal, arguably one of the continent's most Bitcoin-friendly countries, has no specific crypto regulations, allowing businesses and individuals to transact cryptocurrency based on personal preference.

As a result, many have dubbed Portugal a "crypto tax haven," with both individuals and businesses taking advantage of the opportunity.

Thanks to its lack of crypto taxes, the city is attracting a growing number of digital nomads and entrepreneurs who are looking to set up shop in the EEA. In addition, a number of major conferences such as Nearcon and meetups are being held in Lisbon, drawing even more attention to the city's burgeoning crypto scene.

How long will Lisbon remain Europe’s crypto tax haven?

In the wake of Brexit, the small European country of Portugal has been thrust into the spotlight as a potential tax haven for crypto businesses. With its low corporate tax rates and relaxed regulations.

Given the volatile and unregulated nature of cryptocurrency, it is possible that Lisbon will eventually crack down on crypto businesses in order to protect its own economy

It remains to be seen how long Lisbon will remain such a friendly environment for cryptocurrency businesses. The city's tax rules are currently quite favorable, but that could change if the government decides to crack down on the industry. Additionally, other cities in Europe are beginning to catch up to Lisbon in terms of their crypto-friendliness, so it's possible that the city could lose its edge in the coming years.

For the time being, Lisbon is poised to become a leading center for blockchain innovation.

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