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Supermoon Camp & Metaverse Economies Miami Art Week

Updated: Aug 19, 2022

FAS | Fintech Advisory Services co-organised the first SuperMoon Camp edition in 2021. Industry experts gathered in Miami with FAS | Fintech Advisory Services for 5 days during the Art Week with professional video production covering panels and highlights from the event.

Metaverse day hosted guest speakers from Polygon, Computecoin Network, FlashBack, and Blockchain Center NYC discussing the use cases that Metaverse offers in Gaming, Entertainment, Art, NFT, and Education.

Michael Robinson from Computecoin Network mentioned the importance of Metaverse in the entertainment industry, while Masha Prusso from Polygon highlighted how Metaverse can change the education industry and make a learning process gamified. Elena Obukhova raised a question on whether it’s possible to imitate a real-life experience in the Metaverse while champagne bottles were popping. Gil Klein from Blockchain Center NYC was sharing his vision on how these experiences can be imitated with wearables.

Click below to watch the full video from SuperMoon Camp 2021 on Metaverse Economies

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