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Supermoon Camp Launches Memberships at the Austin Mansion Event and Announces NFT.NYC Events

Supermoon Camp landed in Austin, Texas, kicking off an eventful week at Consensus and DCentral with its newest community members. Supermoon Camp Austin, sponsored by Computecoin Network, FlashBack, Parallel Finance, and Phlip gathered 30 innovators in the blockchain space for events, panels, interviews with Supermoon Station, and afterparties.

Supermoon Camp reached new levels, hosting its first Minimoon event in Austin to become the most important networking event during Consensus 2022, with 800 diversified blockchain enthusiasts. A spokesperson from Computecoin commented that the event was “better than Consensus itself.” The exclusive mansion networking event nurtured long-lasting relationships for all realms, from VCs to new crypto advocates, all entertained by the amazing honeypocket beats.

Having wrapped up Austin with great success, Supermoon Camp is gearing up to present a selection of high-class events in New York in the coming weeks, starting with Mad Oath Studios dev jam at the NYC Blockchain Center on June 16, followed by the VC and investors penthouse night in Brooklyn on June 18 featuring keynote speakers discussing the migration from Web2 to Web3 specifically for developers. During NFT.NYC, Supermoon Camp will be presenting an invite-only Crypto VC gala sponsored by top-tier firms Aves Lair, Foresight Ventures, Draper Dragon, Computecoin, Bitkeep, CIG, NFT Genius, and Bitget. Rounding off the month with an exclusive nonfungible rooftop afterparty in the Lower East Side with Supermoon co-hosts Aves Lair, Foresight Ventures, Draper Dragon, and KuCoin Ventures.

The Austin Supermoon Camp saw the announcement of the community and club memberships initiative as well as a collection of NFT Astronauts that will unlock access to a special community, network, and events. Supermoon Camp will be announcing its third-quarter camp soon, so those interested should stay tuned and apply early to secure a place and lock down a limited astronaut NFT.

Published at Cointelegraph.

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