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Crypto Art and Culture with Aaron Koenig

Supermoon Station's debut interview brings to you the crypto legend Aaron Koenig and his endeavors in crypto art and culture during Bitcoin 2022. Aaron joined the space in 2011 at first a skeptic now turned fanatic, starting crypto film production in 2012. Aaron is a renowned writer in the crypto space, who recently published his fifth book "Crypto Art and Crypto Culture", all the while finding time for public speaking and MCing for conferences like Bitcoin 2022.

Aligning with the Supermoon Camp mantra Aaron is breaking down the crypto space to simply share with all levels of crypto enthusiasts. Aaron started his crypto journey from his natural interest in money and the need to question the traditional financial systems. Highlighted by Aaron, the Bitcoin 2022 conference was advantageous to attend with announcements of upcoming projects.

Aaron and partners Carnaval from Argentina introduced Supermoon Station to their new art marketplace with NFTs on Bitcoin launched during Bitcoin 2022. In partnership, Aaron just launched a new exhibition on crypto culture starting in NYC this June “Crypto Art and Crypto Culture” with the aim of transporting the bitcoin culture to positively reach a wider level of new crypto adopters. With this new project, Aaron hopes to use artwork as a trojan horse to spread enthusiasm around bitcoin, and “make people burn for bitcoin”.

As Aaron says “It’s still early days” so jump into crypto at our next Supermoon Camp in Austin Texas!

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