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Cointelegraph & Supermoon Present VC & Startups Speed Dating in Istanbul

Join Supermoon, Cointelegraph Accelerator, and Cointelegraph Turkey for our exclusive VC & Startups Speed Dating event in Istanbul on Nov 16th. It's one of the most anticipated private events during Devconnect conference and your chance to network with top investors and innovators in the tech world.

Set against the backdrop of a city that bridges continents and cultures, this VC & Startups Speed Dating event promises to be like no other. With a carefully curated matchmaking experience organized by Supermoon, attendees will have the opportunity to meet a handpicked mix of investors and founders, maximizing their time and connections.

But it's not just about networking. Supermoon and Cointelegraph will offers an atmosphere of innovation, allowing attendees to immerse themselves in a melting pot of ideas and opportunities. And for those seeking funds or looking to invest, this event is the perfect opportunity to pitch and partner, designed to open doors and close deals.

And with Supermoon, it's not just an event; it's an ecosystem. Connections are not just facilitated; they're nurtured into collaborations that have the potential to transform the tech landscape. In partnership with Cointelegraph Accelerator and Cointelegraph Turkey, attendees will have the opportunity to network with a premier crowd of seasoned investors and trailblazing entrepreneurs.

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