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Lisbon Awaits: The Exclusive Founders & Investors Soirée Preceding WebSummit

November 12th, 6:30pm | Kick off WebSummit with Founders & Investors Soirée organized by Supermoon and Yorkseed in partnership with Near Protocol.

Join Supermoon and Yorkseed at our exclusive Founders & Investors Soirée, a remarkable gathering of some of the brightest minds and most ambitious individuals in the tech and Web3 industries. Taking place on November 12th in Lisbon.

Step into the Future of Tech and Web3 in Lisbon.

As the sun sets and the city's stunning historical architecture glows in a golden hue, you will join a select group of innovative founders and investors at 6:30 pm. This is no ordinary soirée - it is an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and explore the potential for groundbreaking partnerships and future success.

Why Attend?

Exclusive Networking: This intimate gathering is an opportunity to make meaningful connections and build pivotal business relationships with industry leaders and innovators.

WebSummit Kickoff: This event provides a relaxed and dynamic platform for pre-event introductions and insights ahead of WebSummit, a highly anticipated global conference.

A Fusion of Ideas: Mix and mingle with other passionate individuals in the bustling Web3 space, exchange ideas, and explore the potential for collaboration and innovation.

The Venue: A Perfect Blend of Intimacy and Elegance.

Supermoon has chosen a venue that reflects Lisbon's charm, blending old-world elegance with a vibrant new buzz. The intimate setting creates the perfect atmosphere for both casual conversations and in-depth business discussions.

Our Event Co-Hosts & Partners.

Yorkseed™ is an exclusive global venture community for founders and investors. Yorkseed bridges entrepreneurs and investors while linking founders to diverse markets and establishing global hubs to expand investor reach.

Near Protocol is the operating system for an open web that allows to effortlessly create and distribute decentralized apps on any blockchain with the Blockchain Operating System.

Your Invitation to Connect and Collaborate.

This soirée presents an opportunity for ambitious founders and investors to connect and explore potential partnerships and investments. The serene environment encourages open dialogue and the potential for long-lasting partnerships.

Join Supermoon in Lisbon, where the future of technology and Web3 converge. Elevate your network, ignite collaborations, and set the tone for a successful WebSummit experience.

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