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How NFT Ticketing will Change the Event Industry

Non Fungible Tokens have proved to be more than a hype and are underway diversifying into many markets one being the event industry. These digital assets represent real-world objects like art, music, gaming items, and now tickets. Held mainly on the Ethereum blockchain NFT technology is revamping the ticketing industry connecting physical and digital variables.

While the traditional ticketing industry sufficed consumer needs for many years there are notable flaws which personable unique NFT tickets will eliminate. Traditionally event goers would have to print paper tickets with little security or protection against replicated frauds. As many consumers enjoy collecting tickets as memories, traditional tickets are flawed by the ease of losing such memories.

What makes NFT tickets superior?

NFTs are unique digital tokens stored on the blockchain that can be digitally sold and stored in secure wallets that customers can access from anywhere. This technology gives all parties added security and easy to prove authenticity of their tickets. Event organizers benefit from reduced costs and a quicker production process in comparison to traditional methods. The collectible feature NFT tickets offer is one of high regard to customers allowing them to store their memories forever also giving them options to trade in the future.

Minting your own NFT tickets is a lot easier than it sounds, simplified by platforms such as FlashBack.One the first NFT ticketing platform that connects artists, event planners, and event attendees enabling organizers to generate bespoke and art-like NFT tickets that fans can buy, sell, and keep for decades.

Anyone can simply create NFT tickets on the Flashback platform by signing up and following these steps:

· Tap CREATE and choose EVENT

· Fill in information about your event

· Start creating your NFT tickets with step by step instructions

· Press the submit button and you will see your NFT tickets in the profile

Supermoon camp has been utilizing NFT ticket technology with FlashBack.One since 2021, most recently for Bitcoin Miami 2022 camp with great success. In alignment with Supermoon camp ethos founder of FlashBack.One Elena outlines “FlashBack.One is entering the art space with the goal of turning organizers into creators through their NFT technology which allows anyone to simply create any type of event with the added function of collectible memories”, which simply puts the endless benefits and inclusivity NFT tickets are bringing to the event industry.

Don’t let your event get left behind and start minting NFT tickets today with FlashBack.One in a few simple steps here:

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