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Gather to Design the Future of Web3 at ETH Gathering Barcelona

ETH Gathering provides physical spaces for the teams building decentralized Web3 technology to connect, innovate, and collaborate.

Hosted in Barcelona, one of the world's most vibrant cities, ETH Gathering is a week-long curated onsite experience for decentralized teams. ETH Gathering provides an opportunity for teams to participate in a team onsite prior to a two-day conference.

ETH Gathering Conference Weekend (November 19th-20th) ETH Gathering Conference will bring 600-1000 builders from web3 teams to converge and engage on the challenges and opportunities facing DeFi, Blockchain Security, DAO Governance, and Data Analytics.

Made by builders for builders: NOV 19-20th 2022

Eth Gather Website Twitter Telegram Apply to Sponsor or do a team onsite

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