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Supermoon Camp helps professionals to build genuine and lasting relationships.

We introduce our collection of NFT Astronauts that will unlock access to our special community, network, and events.

Apply to become a member and join our telegram chat

The Supermoon Camp ecosystem includes clubs where members can participate in community activities such as interviews, panel discussions, research articles, event planning, and camp hosting, all while leveraging the Supermoon network and resources.

Supermoon will have 3 Moonbase Stages of the NFT membership sale,  [read more]



Core Operations Team


The Chancellors are in charge of the development of plans and programming, operations and growth, as well as the supervision of the administration of the Supermoon Camp and all of its activities.


Head Staff:

The Head Staff is directly responsible for coordinating, planning and executing camp operations in collaboration with the Chancellors. They also work in conjunction with the Directors to ensure effective communications throughout the camp.


Head Staff

Eleanor Cunningham

Carlee Lloyd


Directors are responsible for developing and implementing programs that cover the social and academic aspects of camp activities and members, as well as managing Group Leaders and club activities.


List Directors

To be announced


Club Leaders

Club Leaders are in charge of a specific division of the camp. They work with Counselors and are responsible for the operations of their club and that specific program’s mission. The Club Leader also assists in the planning of special camp activities.


Counselors are specialists within a club that are responsible for the processes and planning of routines and work at teaching and execution in their specific activity area. They, along with the Club Leaders, assist campers in learning, growing, and having a positive camp experience.


Supermoon Members are token holders that signify their membership. As a Supermoon member, it is your responsibility to participate in the activities and programs that make up the life of our community. Whether you are attending meetings, volunteering at events, or organizing projects, your contributions help to improve the community for everyone. In addition to these active contributions, it is also important to be supportive of your peers and work together to foster an inclusive environment. By fulfilling these responsibilities, community members like you continue to be an integral part of the Supermoon community. Thank you for all that you do!


Explorers are non-community members. Explorers are usually parties interested in learning more about Supermoon Camp. Explorers can still gain access to a wealth of information and resources that the Supermoon Camp publicly posts and limited access to the Supermoon servers. But they aren’t able to contribute content, vote, participate at in-person Supermoon Camps, or take advantage of other features that may be available to the members.

While Explorers may not have access to all the features that a member does, it’s important to remember that these people still bring value to the community. Whether they are participating in discussions or simply reading through posts, their contributions help make an online community stronger, more vibrant, and more informative.



  • During stage 1 SMC will announce the first round of U.S. Partnerships.

  • Form clubs and elect club leaders.

  • Set up camps for local Supermoon chapters.

  • Establish an Advisory Board.

  • The inaugural Minimoon NYC, and Supermoon Camp Austin events.


  • Dubai, Argentina, Mexico, Portugal, and a few other countries will be among the worldwide locations we have partnered with.

  • Supermoon events will take place in Argentina, Spain, Dubai, El Salvador, and Mexico, amongst others.

  • Release the first Editorial and Peer Review paper by Supermoon Members.

  • Launch the very first Supermoon Basecamp in New York City.

  • Announce the Megamoon Festival, featuring well-known performers and celebrities.

  • Supermoon opens its metaverse hub.

  • Launch of the Supermoon Academy and Supermoon Foundation.

  • Form new partnerships with nature retreats in the United States, Indonesia, Mexico, the Middle East, and Croatia.

  • Organize the first Megamoon Festival on a private island, complete with a rocket launch and a Minimoon members-only gathering.

  • Open a SMC hub for expansion into the metaverse.


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